Saturday, January 31, 2009

Cameron's 16th birthday party

It is official. His license arrived in the mail yesterday. He was not real happy about having to take a picture of it.

He had his 16th birthday party at The Basement at our church. It is a really cool place for the kids. They have these colorful booths in the wall.

There is a kitchen with a fountain drink dispenser. A lounge area.

A stage on one end. And room off the sides with pool table and areas for small groups.

We set up Guitar Hero in one of the rooms.

Who said Alabama and Auburn can't get along?

The kids played some music for us.

Mostly they sat around and talked.

My husband playing guitar.

Lots of food. We brought home a lot of pizza and food. I figured it would all be gone.

I hope he had a good birthday. We got to meet some of his school friends that we had not met. As much as we have been around the kids friends there is still a voice in my head that says that kids do not want to be around us old people. I ignore it and talk to the "expressively dressed" among them and they always seem to be glad you talked to them and they don't seem as "different" than I imagine.


Christy said...

It looks like they had a good time. I'm surprised NL let you take his picture. You must've sneaked up on him. ;0)

Becc said...

Happy 16th Birthday! Outstanding!!!!

And let me just say "WOW!"
I hope you don't mind but I have to pass this blog onto many! That is the most INCREDIBLE teen "hang out" that I have ever seen! Our girls are going to go CRAZY!

Southerner said...

Christy- I have a few. I guess he was busy playing. I also have one of him playing drums with the band.

Becc- that is fine to share. It is a really cool place. We have a large amount of kids that do not have parents going to church. They come with our home kids. Our youth pastor has a lot of bands come in to try to pull them.

:) said...

Dad is playing the bass, not guitar...

Southerner said...

Well actually it is called a bass Guitar. And I wasn't playing just whishing I could.


:) said...

You spelled "wishing" wrong. But there is a difference between playing guitar and playing bass guitar.