Saturday, December 6, 2008

Taking a break

Just a note to say that I am taking the weekend off. We had a home school party last night and a Sunday School party tonight. The SEC championship is today. We have always been Alabama fans but when we lived in Florida for 13 years we became Florida fans so this is a big game. My husband is not real happy that the SS party starts during the ending of the game. I have had 13 rubbermaid boxes of Christmas at the foot of my bed all week so am getting it all put up and boxes back up into the attic. We are going to decorate the outside some today. So..... I am not sitting on the computer today. Y'all have a good weekend. Bring me cookies!

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Mrs. Darling said...

Well join me! LOl I only ever get to spend about an hour in the morning on the computer, other than that I jump off and on for five minutes a few times thoughout the day. Life is made to be lived not experienced in front of a computer. Go out and enjoy your weekend and show us some pics of the results! :)