Monday, December 1, 2008

More give-aways

  • Classy Mommy is giving away a $100.00 WalMart gift card. You enter your email address here. You are signing up for her monthly newsletter by entering, but you may opt out of the newsletter later.
  • Classy Mommy is giving away a $500.00 WalMart card in combination with Nichelodeon. You can leave up to 5 frugal tips for the holidays here.
  • Classy Mommy has many other give a ways here. They are more for moms with small kids so I am not listing each one. There are some fabulous gifts, so check it out here.
  • Frugal RI Mom is giving away your choice of 4 different gift cards. Check it out and enter here.

I have won 7 different giveaways this year so your chances are really great to win! You never know. All you have to do is enter. Make sure to open a seperate email account so that any spam or items are not going to your personal home account. You should not recieve spam from these giveaways but it is good to have a seperate account.


Michelle said... can really find some deals! Good Luck!

Connie said...

Seriously, I don't know how you do it and raise 5 beautiful children. I had such a great time on Sunday. We must get together again. You are truly a special lady.