Monday, December 1, 2008

$500.00 gift card give-a-way

Would you like to win a $500.00 Walmart gift card? Yes, I would, thank you. Well, Frugal Upstate has directions on how to enter a contest that is sponsored by Nichelodeon and Walmart where you can enter to win.
Part of the entry for the contest is to share a frugal holiday tip. My tip is to buy neutral items that you can decorate with for the season but aren't specifically only a Christmas item.
  • Take your white dishes and add red or green linens.
  • Mix and match tableware. All your place settings do not need to match. Put out a setting at every other seat and alternate patterns or let each one be totally different.
  • When you purchase linens instead of buying a Christmas print buy a solid color or a polka dot or stripe that can be used for other times of the year.
  • Use items that you have on hand like candles, just add a ribbon to the candlestick.
  • Print out holiday verses and replace the prints in frames that you have already hung on your walls. Valarie did really cute prints here.
  • Put extra ornaments into a bowl or glass votive holder and tuck in a little greenery that you cut from your yard.
  • Hang old ice skates with a red ribbon added in place of the laces on your front door.
  • Wrap your front door container plants with burlap and a big bow.
  • Bring out old toys, bears,, dolls, or sleds to decorate your entry or mantle.
  • Make ornaments out of scrapbook paper. Cut out trees, birds or other shapes.
  • Force paperwhite bulbs in a pot for pretty centerpieces.
  • Hang greeting cards on a ribbon along a bannister.
  • Set the tone with light music in the background.
  • If you don't have time to roll out and make your own cookies use the slice and bake kind. There is nothing better than the smell of baked goodies!

It doesn't take a lot of extra holiday supplies to make it homey and special for Christmas. Use what you have in new ways. Embellish what you have.


Michelle said...

Good Tips!

Marva said...

You have the best tips! Thanks southerner! Blessings!!!