Friday, December 12, 2008

11th Birthday

It is not his birthday, which is December 22nd, but everyone is always out of town for Christmas so we celebrate early. I feel so bad. He just invited two friends because he wanted our family to go ice skating. One friend was going to be out of town so his one friend came over. Earlier today I found out that all the ice rink information was for Decatur, Illinois rather than Decatur, AL. They did have a session tonight but it says to always call to make sure their rink is open. I called all day and got a recording so I left a message. He finally called 45 minutes before we left to say they had a private party booked. So, we had to disappoint 3 little boys. They took it really well and decided to pop popcorn and watch Wall-E.


Marva said...

Happy Birthday!


Christi said...

Happy Birthday from one December birthday person to another!

P.S. - it does kind of stink to have a December birthday - you'd think I'd be used to it after 40 years, but no......