Saturday, November 22, 2008

Walmart 11/22/08

11- Jimmy Dean sausages $2- $1Q from Publix winter booklet = $1 each
2- BBQ chips $1.89 ea
1- reg chips $2.89
2 frozen butter beans $2.22 ea
4- Land o Lakes butter $2- $.55 ea= $1.45 ea
sweet potatoes $.25 lb
2 packages of peanut butter crackers $1.88 ea
Mt Olive pickle relish $.99- $.50Q= $.49
spray oil $1.62
Baking soda $.36 ( I didn't know it was so cheap- Walgreens had it on sale for $.50 last week)
Kotex 16 ct pads $1- $1 Q free not pictured

I am not giving a total because I bought canning lids and some 1/2 pint jars, underwear, and other items so I don't want to figure it all out right now. NOTE!!!! I was overcharged $26.16. ALWAYS check your receipt! I thought my total was high so I went over to the wall by the service desk and looked at my receipt. I was charged for three butterbeans when I bought two ($2.22 over) then they charged me for 11 additional sausages at $2 each ($22.00 over) with tax I was credited $26.16. I am so glad I caught it. I know a lot of times I do not check my receipt. This is how I was charged twice for the sausages... I had a cashier in training with a trainer standing behind her. She rang up my 11 sausages one at a time. When she scanned the last one she accidentally got too close and it scanned again. She turned to the trainer and the trainer told her to void the last item and then she said that she could just scan the item and hit (x 11) so the girl did that...charging me an additional $22! The trainer was just trying to tell her that in the future she could do that not to do it! Honest mistake on her part, just not thinking clearly, probably nervous because she made a mistake and scanned that item twice. And, probably wondering why anyone would buy 11 sausages.

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