Thursday, November 6, 2008

Walgreens 11/5/08

Glade wisp candle sale $5.99-$3Q=$2.99 ( I will get back $2 in rebate=$.99)
Dawn 7 day sale $.99
Wax paper $.89 each with 7 day store coupon
Wrigleys gum BOGO sale with BOGO coupon = both free
Quattro razors $5.99- $3 Easy saver Q- $2 man. Q= $.99
Milk $3.49 (not pictured)

Total with tax= $11.05-paid with $8 Register Reward , OOP $3.05 and I will get back the $2 in rebate on the candle= Total $1.05


Marva said...

What a deal!!!! Great job! i wish we had a Walgreen's close by!


Susie Harris said...

Awww girlfriend! You made me laugh! Thanks for taking me back in time. I always wanted hair like hers but mine was too curly *darn hair*. The joy's of being 8. Im still waiting on those boobies to come, hehe~

Michelle said...

More great buys...