Monday, November 3, 2008

Victoria Secret Deal

I just got two bras and a pair of panties for $16.87 with shipping and handling.

I ordered two bras from the 2/$40 section. Then go pick a pair of VS Cotton panties in White, Black, Whisper Pink, or Buff.

Then when you go to your cart, click on the I have Promo Codes near the bottom of the page! You can enter up to three codes. I used the following:
FA813789 - gives you $10 off any bra
25PTY - gives you $25 off and a free panty

My total with shipping and tax came to $16.87! I was needing some bras so this was great timing since I just made money at the garage sale and don't have to feel guilty about it. If I was on the computer yesterday I could have gotten two sweaters for another $15 but I wasn't checking the deals yesterday.

EDIT: I have been told that Victoria Secret is now requiring you to purchase 3 bras to use the two codes, which is still a good deal but just not as sweet a deal. As you can see, whenever you see a good deal and the word starts getting out you need to jump as soon as possible to get it. Don't buy things that you do not need just to get a deal, but to take advantage of them you have to hurry. When word spreads through blogs and sites such as Hot Coupon World that has over 90,000 members companies cannot meet the demand of that many customers and have to limit how many offers they can fulfill.


Marva said...

Thank you!!!! I so needed some new undergarments! thanks again!


Valarie said...

Wow that some awesome deals!!

Cassie - Homeschooling Four said...

This deal has changed. You have to buy 3 bras in order to use both redemption codes. Still a good deal for bras, but I was bummed that I didn't do it quick enough.

Christy said...

How do you find out about this stuff?

Southerner said...

Christy- I hear about them from other bloggers. If people are interested in more of these I can post them, I just always see them in so many blogs that I don't repeat them. I subscribe to my favorite blogs in my reader. Some of my favorites:

and Hot Coupon

meg duerksen said...

you know all the good deals!