Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Publix 11/19/08

5 Jimmy Dean 1# sausage $2.50 -$1 Q fm Publix Winter book ea= $1.50 ea
2 Sara Lee 4 ct cinnamon rolls $2.50 - $1Q fm Publix Winter book ea = $1.50 each
4 Del Monte green beans $1.29/2- $1/4 Q= $.40 ea
Uncle Ben rice $.99- BOGOF Q= free
4 Kraft Mac and cheese $.50 ea
Wishbone dressing $1.32-$.75Q=$.57
Swiss Miss 10 pk $1.25- $.50 doubled coupon= $.25
Ronzoni lasagna noodles $1.00
Folgers coffee $5.99
Chex Mix $1.27-$.50 doubled coupon =$.27

Total $24.32/(had $12.34 in coupons)

The cinnamon rolls are HUGE. I bought them as a treat. Thought we might enjoy them during Thanksgiving weekend.

I also bought coffee, and the lasagna noodles without a coupon (gasp) because I need to stock coffee and it has really gone up and I always make lasagna during the holidays.

Kraft Mac and cheese for $.50 is the lowest price now. At Walmart, when they put the spiral shape on sale for $.50 , but Publix had that one in their sale so I am stocking up. My daughter likes the spirals the best and I always tell her, "No."

I am going to use the sausage making the breakfast casserole (I never made the other day since eggs were not still on sale) and also make up egg and sausage for burritos. I am not going to prefill the burritos because I do not like the texture when heated. I am going to make individual portions of the egg and sausage mixture and make the burritos the morning we want to eat them. Do not cook the egg all the way. Get it just almost done so it doesn't dry out and become rubbery. I have 11 more Jimmy Dean coupons!

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