Monday, November 10, 2008

Menu Plan Monday 11/10/08

Monday- chicken pot pie
Tuesday- chili and rice or baked potatoes
Wednesday- homemade pizza pockets
Thursday- grilled shrimp - I didn't make this last week
Friday- dinner with our dinner group- I am to bring salad
Saturday-teriyaki chicken with rice, broccoli ( mixed into a stir fry type dish)
Sunday- crock pot lasagna leftovers or whatever you can find b/c I ain't cookin.
Breakfasts are eggs, grits, biscuit with egg and sausage, cereal, pancakes
M- ham and cheese sandwich
T- soup
W- tuna salad sandwich
Th- quesadilla
S-Crock pot lasagna
The pressure is on. My husband asked me why he never sees half the meals on the list. Um.... well, I am a little spontaneous after all! He said he looks at it at work and thinks I am at home making it, then comes home to something else...okay, or NOTHING! Sometimes I cook nothing. Are you happy to find out my secret?
I bet these ladies NEVER do that.

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