Monday, November 17, 2008

A little fall color

Since gas prices finally dropped and I don't have to sell children to drive around and look at the scenery we got out and went on a drive today.

This below is my Japanese maple. It is really pretty right now- although it is going bald on top.

We moved two years ago this Thanksgiving weekend. We started looking at houses and every house was covered inches in leaves like this. All my son saw was work raking.

I found this house today. There is a street behind the historic district and mainstreet and it says dead end. It is really secluded. This house is at the end past the no entrance sign that I went past. My daughter died when we went past the sign, then she had to roll her window down to take a photo. This house looked really old, and since it is right behind the downtown main street I assume it is authintically old- no marker, though. I love it so much. Love the porch. Love the old wood. Love the trim.


Michelle said...

The Japanese Maple trees are my favorite...their colors are always so pretty...

Cute about your son only seeing work:)

We ride like that all the time too (not as much anymore but like you glad we can again) aren't the historical districts just the prettiest?

Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

I'm loving these new low gas prices!

Your photos are so pretty! Thanks for sharing.

Valarie Lea said...

The leaves around here are awesome aren't they!

Marva said...

You're the winner! Congrats! Blessings!!!!

Tami said...

I know you didn't use the word hick. I was just kidding around. I hope I didn't make you mad. We joke about how redneck we are because if you saw where we live you really would think hick. I can take it coming from a Southerner. It really didn't bother me I hope you don't think it did. I thought it was funny because my dad does say that Pee can.

Marva said...

Perhaps I should leave me email addy......I forgot earlier.

Just leave your mailing addy and I will get the book out to you. Blessings!!!!