Monday, November 3, 2008


I tried to add Adsense ads long ago to my blog but did not have it active. It was on my sidebar but the ad didn't change in months. Finally, my husband took time to look at it and my account had expired 6 months prior and I really never had it up on my blog. I finally got it up- they allow 3 ads on your blog. I really don't know how to make the most money or if you are paid per page view of your blog or if people click on the Adsense ads. Anyway, I have averaged over $2 a day the past 3 days! I hope to start making a little money doing what I love, sharing my deep personal stories with you. They choose ads that are similar to what you are blogging about so you may see sleeping pigs tomorrow.


Valarie said...

Hmmm I have wondered about that maybe I should try it.

Jana said...

I am wondering how adsense is working for you now. I am relatively new to blogging (OCT 2010) and have not been sure about using adsense or not. I would appreciate some information on this. Thanks, Jana