Monday, October 13, 2008

Walgreens 10/12/08

3 Robitussin $3.99- $2 printable coupon each

OOP $6.93- got $10 Register reward

Did this again


Connie said...

Ahh, you are so sweet. Yes, I did remove the post for today. I couldn't get the survey polls to read right so I scraped it for today. Thanks so much for your input. Sometimes I think I'm floundering around out here in blogland and no one is listening.

I know you are a faithful follower and I am so appreciative. We must get together in Madison or Huntsville one day, even for a dollar cheesburger.

As for all of your finds, you have made me stop and look at coupons more closely. My problem is our stores are so limited in good ol' Cullman. Why do you think I end up there all of the time?

Have a good one.

Liz said...

Oh, that's awsome! I got a $2 off coupon at Kroger when I checked out for Advil Cold and Sinus, I almost skipped I was so excited. :)

Michelle said... are the QUEEN of deals and making a coupon work:)

Southerner said...

Liz- I am smiling at picturing the bagger walking behind you pushing your cart while you skip to the car. The whole way chanting "I got two dooollars. I got two doooollars."

Michelle- just desperate to keep what I can and still eat!

Julie of blessedwith5 said...

I love your blog and all of your money saving tips.

You have been given an award . . . by me - COME BY AND GET IT!


Kristin said...

Hi! BeCentsable here!

We'd love to have you on the Grocery Gathering. Can you e-mail me if you are still interested?