Thursday, October 23, 2008

Consignment check and purging challenge

I picked up the unsold clothing and my check from the semi annual Kids Market yesterday. I made $192.00 and have just a few things that did not sell.

We are having a garage sale in a couple of weeks and I will reduce them for that. I am also clearing out all my stash of free or cheap after rebate toiletries and medicines. This coming week I am going to list a few items on Craigslist to sell before the garage sale- if they do not go on Craigslist I will sell them at the garage sale. I figured I could get a better deal on Craigslist.

I have a vanity that I bought for $20 at a garage sale. We don't have anywhere for it here. I have it in the upstairs hallway with a big mirror over it but I would rather get money for it than hold on to it. I think I can recoup my $20. My husband has his truck liner and a ladder to sell. I also have a 35MM camera with a zoom lens. I picked up a box off the side of the road when we delivered papers in Florida. This was trash from a $400K house, so Yuppie trash, okay? It had the camera and lens in it, my tapestry curtains hanging in my family room now, my daughters hot pink comforter still in the bag, a George Forman grill, and other nice stuff along with their tax records- he made $75K in 1986 and a South Carolina drivers liscense for her.Don't judge me for looking at his tax records- I am very curious. I also peek in peoples showers when I go to their bathroom. Love it when I find toys and a little mess- makes me feel better.

Anyone else finding things to get rid of? I have so much stuff. I am not a pack rat- I will go through things and get rid of stuff that we haven't used. I can't stand messy closets and drawers. I do like to have a good stock of things we use like school supplies and clothes a size ahead and toiletries and food, I want my food! I have some items that I would like to purchase when I find a good deal like a food mill, pressure canner, storage boxes for my office. I love it when I don't have to really pay for them- just sell stuff to rebuy other things. Anyone wanta take a challenge to find $100 worth of items to sell in the next month?


Marva said...

Then you would feel real good at our seems as it is always a bog mess! ;) Hehe!

Man!!!! I'll have to pass on the challenge...I had been doing this the last few weeks and we had our yard sale last Friday and Saturday. I made almost $300! I was thrilled. I am not sure what everybody else made but not as much as rained.

That is a great challenge though!

Hope all is well and blessings!!!!

Christy said...

I didn't know you had a blog. How fun! I'm glad to know about your shower peeking, now I'll be sure mine is super clean when/if you come by again! LOL! I just sent a few things to a thrift store. The kids were nagging me to keep them for a yard sale. It wasn't enough for a yard sale this time, but they kept saying, "If you keep taking things to the thrift store, you'll never have enough stuff for a yard sale!" Well, that's true, but I just don't have the space around here to store unwanted items.
I also see that you are a bargain finder. I've tried the coupon, store bonus items things, and I just can't get it to work for me. It makes me tired having to go to three or four different stores to get specials. Plus, I always find the store brands to be cheaper than those items for which I have coupons. Oh well, I try.
Thanks for stopping by my blog. It was a delight to see your comment and to find out you have your own blog. Oh, and your picture is gorgeous! I have to go with an avatar *sniff, sniff*.

April said...

I might have to participate in that grandmother passed away and we have 2 big storage units of stuff to either pass on to people and sell the rest.

I've been working on my house too...I have a garbage bag odf clothes already and just the other day I sold one of my daughter's pageant outfits(made $115!) I still have a bunch of her clothes to sell to hopefully make me some Christmas money.

Michelle said...

We had a yard sale about 2 months ago on a Friday and Sat. and made over 1000.00...that was a great sale for us. A couple of weeks ago we had another Fri and Sat sale and made 400.00. Thats pretty much the usual...crazy thing as much as I got rid of, I think I could find that much more and have another one...

Wish you much success:)

j_eslava said...

How does selling on Craigslist work? I've been to the site and I think I get how to list does shipping work? Or do people usually just pick up what they buy? How do they pay? Thanks

Valarie said...

Whats the vanity look like??????? I can't remember.

Tami said...

I have been selling a few things here and there on Ebay but I'm not really digging it. So far I have not made a lot and I'm thinking of switching to Craigslist. Do you have good luck with Craigslist? I can't quite figure it out. Do you post only in your state/area? So no one else is really looking at it? I'll have to look at it again and see what I think. I've gotta a ton of junk and we live so far out of the way no one would come to a yard sale at my house.

Tracye said...

I so wish we had something like a kids mart here. For us, it's just garage sales, and usually people put junk that should be in the trash. I have seriously never found anything at a garage sale that I would want to buy... unless it's something they're asking retail prices for, and then I don't want to buy it. I don't understand it. Whenever we have a garage sale, we sell out of stuff. We put good stuff out, at low prices. But I'm not finding that at other ones around here.

Maybe I need to come garage-saling with you!