Saturday, October 25, 2008

Cheap pirate costume and our pirate party

I did not want to spend a fortune on costumes. He is wearing one of my embroidered front white buttondowns, his jeans, girls boots from a thrift store ($2) a jeweled belt from a thrift store($1) a boys suit vest from a thrift store ($1) and we bought a package of bandanas and swords with eyepatches from Oriental trading company.
This little guy collected all the swords and was going around stabbing everyone. See the dead pirate in the background

The pirate on the right is my other son. We took a pair of ladies elastic waist pants and cut the bottows in a zig zag pattern. He wore another one of my white shirts with a black tie at his waist. He had a pair of girl boots also, but as you see he took them off- his were higher heel.
The kids playing with the cannon launcherThe treasure is found! We went ahead and filled bags with candy then filled the chest with beads and coins that they could get if they wanted.

The kids played with the swords, we had a treasure hunt, ate cake, opened presents, then they played kickball- pirate kickball. It rained yesterday and has been cooler so I was worried it would either rain or be too cold outside today. It was beautiful! Thank you, God!!!! I was scared of having boys, swords, and a treasure hunt inside and then stuffing them with sugar. Can you imagine? We had his party at this house last year- we had closed on it but not moved in- we were laying wood floors and painting. It was beautiful last year also. We are supposed to have highs in the low 30's coming soon, so it is always touchy with the weather.

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Julie of blessedwith5 said...

It looks like the party was a huge success! Great idea! You Rock!

Christy said...

Is there anything you CAN'T do? I wasn't aware of how talented you are until I checked out your blog. Impressive. ;0)

Valarie said...

Very Very cute!! I love the whole thing :)

Marva said...

WOW!!! That is all I can say! You are so awesome!

You are so terrific! The last three posts were great and well done!

So glad all went well! Yay for you and your mateys!

Hey......I think the low's are gonna be in the 30's? Right? Nt the highs? Just curious......


momtoqts said...

The whole party was fabulous. Great job, mom!

jennifer said...

AWESOME photos! Looks like they had a ball.