Friday, October 24, 2008

AARG! Ye be invited to a pirate party, Matey.

We are having a pirate party for my son that just turned 9 on Saturday. I made invitations, tore them out and burned the edges. The invitation say:

ahoy thar matey!
Stop yer pillaging, lend me yer ear, I have a message fer ye to hear! The treasure’s been stolen, it must be found. Tighten yer sashes, skull island be bound. Shiver me timbers, thars pirates on board, drinkin rootbeer and flailin their swords. Captain kyle sets sail October 25th at ten, we need all ye pirates to be there by then. Wear ye pirate shirt, the captain will give ye the rest. Come prepared to search for the pirate chest. Wave ye flag or call if ye will be attendin, have yer mum come back at twelve when the party’s endin. See ya thar- aarrgh!

We needed a treasure chest for the little pirates to find. I searched and this is the 2nd best I could find. The perfect one was $15.00 and this one was $1.00. I felt really bad because Grandmaw that painted this had artwork and a lot of painted things out there for sale. Knowing the time she put into it and that I would be painting over it- I just feel so bad.

This is what it looks like after painting. I may paint my initail on the front and use in my office area after the party. I will have to get my desk up to my room and play to see what I need to accessorize and store my craft stuff. If you look at the before photo the woman had painted part of the handle. I took my Sophisticated Finishes and painted the hardware back to a black/bronze color.


Marva said...

I hope you guys have a blast! You did an awesome job and I love the "treasure chest"!

The invites are great too! Post pics afterwards!


Have you heard anything else from Omaha Steaks?


Christy said...

That looks really good. I wouldn't have been able to "see" that if I were out looking. I need your help on changing my kitchen light fixture. I don't like the brass look any longer, but I don't want to spend $80+ on a new fixture. Any ideas?

Julie of blessedwith5 said...

A GREAT idea for a party! You are so inventive!!!

I think your Grams would be proud of you!

Southerner said...

Marva- I cancelled my order with Omaha Steaks and told them that because I felt they had been wrong in how they handled it and not upheld their promoted offer that I did not want to do business with them. I received an email telling me that it was cancelled. I looked on Hot Coupon World anbd they have a lot of others emailing them similar complaints- some say they are contacting the BBB.

It is raining! I am going to have bunches of kids in my house with swords!

Julie- it wasn't my Grams, it was a family at a garage sale. It looked like they brought Grandmaw to live with them and were selling a lot of her things.

Valarie said...

Way cute idea!!! I love the treasure chest, but I know how you feel about painting over someone else art. It is really cute though. :)

Angie said...

Love it! You are just so clever! My soon to be 5 year old is wanting a pirate party this year too! I need to get moving!

Angie said...

oops! I meant to say soon to be 6 year old:)