Monday, September 29, 2008

garage sale 9/27/08

I got these salad sized plates for $.25 each. I am going to hang them on the wall.
I think I will use this in my office area as an organizer.
I finally have an atrium or whatever it is called. Now I need a nest.
I love the fish handles on this tray.
I got the two lamps for $6.00. You can alway use lamps!
I bought these plate sets to use as Dirty Santa gifts at Christmas. It costs us a fortune just to do a $5 gift a piece with 7 of us. I like to find things through the year to use. I bought a two set of the stainless steel travel mugs at Target on clearance for $4 last year after Christmas. I also bought the Christmas throws. Do you shop all year for these little gifts that eat your budget? I also got the tree topper for $.50. I needed a new topper because my angel flaps her wings and always falls off.
And, a $.50 bracelet. I may add this into the Dirty Santa pile.


Valarie said...

Those little plates are cute! Great deal on the lamps!

Miss Mommy said...

I love the plates!! Perhaps I can come yard sale-ing with you sometime!! I never find good stuff...LOL LOL