Friday, September 19, 2008

Costco Trip and membership

We joined Costco last November because we bought our house and wanted to buy the package stainless steel appliance package that they had. Their normal membership was $50 but if you upgraded to the Executive membership for $100 you earned 2% back on all your purchases for the year. We knew we were buying the appliances so that was a big start on the 2% back so we went ahead with the Executive membership. Through the year we also bought our double vanity, compost bin, and just a few other things. It is about a 20 mile drive so it is not very convienient for me- I pass Sams at the 6 mile mark from my house- and I did not find prices to be better or the selection as good as Sams on food.

We got our yearly check today for our 2% of all our purchases this past year. It was $80.00. You have to use it on store purchases so I went to use it up. We aren't renewing our membership, and since the drive is so long I wanted to use it all tonight so that I could be through with them. I decided to photograph the food in the back of my car so that I did't have to take it all in then back to the freezer in the garage. My boys were dying to be in the photo.

For my $80.00 I got:

two gallons of milk for $2.99 each
Hot pockets $11.99
6 1/2 lb chicken boneless breasts $15.99
breaded chicken tenders $12.59
12 albacore tuna-$12.39
25 lb rice-$13.99
4 can spray starch-$3.99
and shhh! don't tell my husband okay? I got this...

It was $4.89. I had a solar calculator and put in $80 and was deducting the price of items that I put in the cart trying to use the whole amount but not go too much over since I didn't think the prices were very good. Around the end I kept walking around trying to find something to use my last $14 and went down a lot of aisles again. I wanted powdered milk but could not find any anywhere. My calculator turned itself off since I didn't touch it for awhile. Well, I finally got the Hot Pockets and knew I needed to spend around $3 more dollars. So, what is a magazine/book hog to do? Buy something like food that would feed your family? Are you crazy. I knew I could bring a magazine into the house and my husband would never know the difference. I could just stick it with the others and it would blend right in. I am so sneaky. So, shhh don't tell on me. I love love love these storage themed books.


blessedwith5 said...

I love those books too!!!

That was a great surprise wasn't it - $80.00 in the mail!

Way to go!

Windy said...

I don't like Costco either. I wish everything in my house looked as neat as the cover of that mag:) said...

We love Costco. We earn about $100 each year, which pays for our membership.