Friday, August 29, 2008


4- Glade scented oil warmers BOGO $4.79-used BOBO Q and $4 Q= 4/$.79 (Sept Easy Saver rebate of $4 means I will make $3.21)
4 Shredded cheddar cheese $1.50 each
3 Trident Xtra Gum- Sale $.99- BOGO Q and $.75 Q= 3/ $.24
Folgers $2.99
FAR-Nivea for men body wash $4.99-$1Q=$.3.99
Loreal Revital Lift $16.49
Crest Pro Health toothpaste- $3.79
Revlon Nail polish- $4.79
Chemistry shampoo- $7.99-$3 Aug ES Q

Used $10/$40 purchase
I paid 30.90/ Will get back $$42.05 in rebate items so I made $11.15 this trip

To see more scenarios from other Drugstore Divas go to Centsible Sawyer.


Becky said...

I gave you a log award:)

Joy in the Burbs... said...

I'm so impressed. I'm a couponer and rebater too. I love to see those savings. You go Girl! And be safe there in So. Alabama during the Gus visit. I Love Orange Beach, have vacationed there several times.
We use to live in B'ham.

meg duerksen said...

you are amazing.
i am just plain lazy.
and it shows in our budget. :(
you rock.