Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Half Bath Before and After

The wallpaper was a bear to remove! I didn't get a close up of the mirror before so notice the change I made in this mirror. Before: gold. There was no storage in this room with a pedestal sink. This room is used as a primary bath for our oldest daughter whose room is downstairs. This is where she keeps all her makeup and hair stuff.
We added this small cabinet to store her accessories and cleaning supplies. The starfish on the wall was originally black. I spray painted it white to blend in the room better. See that post hereWe painted the room a turquoise that I love!.I made some really quick and cheap wall art. I bought the three white frames for $6 each. The fabric was for my daughter's room to make memo boards. I just cut pieces larger than the frame opening. I didn't glue it down or anything, I just wrapped it around the cardboard and closed the frames.
We bought the wall cabinet for extra storage.
Close up of the cabinet. I love the baskets. The mirrors also make the room feel less closed in.
Here is the mirror after I painted it white and then I glazed it with a tobacco glaze. I put newspaper under the rim to cover the mirror and spray painted it.

I will add accessories slowly as I find the "right" pieces. It is so easy to rush out and buy everything at one time, but I like to find pieces at different places and blend them together. I tend to live with half finished rooms forever, waiting until I find something special or at a good price. We have a new light for this room. You can't tell from the pictures but the light is tulip shaped globes. Anyone want to buy it from me? We just need to hang our new one and the tulip fixture can be all yours.


chelle said...

That looks really good. You did a good job on the mirror.

I'm the same way about finishing a room. I use to rush...then I wouldn't be satisfied so now I just take it slow and usually make much better purchases and at better prices too:)

Valarie said...

Oh it looks great in there! Good Job!

Momma said...

Pst... hey you.... you won the Momma's Coupon Management System contest. Send me your address ;)

blessedwith5 said...

I love the color! The room is gorgeous!

Dawn said...

It looks beautiful! I love all of your choices - especially the way you are reusing pieces.

Kimba said...

You're right! Our bathrooms look so much alike! I love the color you used in yours and those pictures are great!

Gotta love using what you already have.