Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Get more food for less money!

To get the best price on groceries you are buying in bulk at the lowest price and keeping your pantry stocked so that you can wait until the next sale. If you are on a tight budget it is a little harder to initially get you stocked pantry going, but if you buy a few things each month you will slowly build up your pantry and with the savings on each item be able to catch deals on the next sale. It is important that you not just buy things because they are on sale but that you buy things that you will really use- and before it goes bad.

To start, I get a Sunday paper and clip all the coupons. I clip coupons for things that I may not normally buy but would if it is free. I can give things I don't want to someone else or sell them in our yard sale twice a year. I made $75.00 our last garage sale on these items. Some things I make money off of so, even though it is not an item I would have paid for it created a credit on my bill for money off my other items.

Look at the sales papers that come in the paper or go to the store site and look at the sales paper online. I look at what is on sale for that week. Most of the good prices are on the front and back pages but you will find some deals in the middle pages if you have coupons that will double. What you are looking for is the items that are a really good sale, called loss leaders, because the store is actually taking a loss on those items a lot of times so you will come in the store and buy other items.

I make a list by store of the sale items listing the item, quantity size, and sale price. Then I go through my coupons and write the coupon amount beside it. If it is not easily done in my head or it is on when you buy two items I write the per piece price. At our Publix and Kroger they ring up item that are priced at buy one get one free as half price at the register. If I only have one coupon I just buy one of the items. It rings up half price and I use the coupon. Those two stores double coupons up to $.50. You can also combine store coupons and manufacturer coupons on one item. Publix takes competitor coupons, so I used a CVS coupon in my last shopping trip.

Example of combining store deals and coupons:
Hamburger Helper was buy one get one free this week at Publix for $1.59(= $.80 each.) I had a coupon for $.75 off 3. I only bought three instead of buying two and getting two free. That made each package $.54 each.
3 Hamburger helper 2/$1.59- $.75/3 Q= $.54 each

These items I had coupons that doubled. Although they were BOGOF I only bought one since I had one coupon.
nature valley granola bars- $1.40- $.50(doubled)= $.40
Lance crackers $1.40- $1 Q= $.40

These items I had both a store coupon and a manufacturer coupon that I was able to combine.
Hershey Bliss- $2-$1 CVS Q+$1 Man Q= free
Loreal kids shampoo- $2.50- $1 publix Q+ $.75 Q= $.75

I had a BOGOF coupon for the croutons and they were BOGOF so I got both for free.
2- Marie Callendar croutons BOGO - BOGO coupon= both free

You can use coupons as long as they do not specify except trial size or certain quantity on trial size items and get them free. Walmart, Target, and CVS have a section with travel size items. I get all the pads, tampons, shampoo, deoderant, lotion, body wash, soap, Shout wipes, baby wipes, Johnsons baby shampoo and buddies soap, shaving cream, mousse, and Tylenol that I can get. I stock a basket for guests to use, and give the baby products in my gifts for showers. I also use them to travel with but no one takes me anywhere much so they pile up. If you will pay for me to travel I will supply the toiletries! My husband brings home all the hotel soap and shampoo. People question whether this is stealing but we heard from someone in hotel management that the toiletries cost is built into the price of the room. You are paying for them. Don't knock off the maids cart or go into the supply room, but take what you paid for.

Did you know??? You can refill the trial size toothpaste tubes? Just butt the ends together and squeeze. The open ends for the blondes, don't forget to take off the caps. And you redheads, squeeze gently, don't squirt it all over the counter and mirror. When the bar soap gets about hotel size you can take a new bar and wet it. I work one side into a lather and wet the small bar then squish the little bar into the new one and put it on the soap dish to dry. It sticks to it. You can also refill the small shampoo and hairspray bottles but I bet you can figure out that one on your own- can't you?

I also take advantages of free samples from manufactures. Walmart and Sams offer items each month. You have to fill out your address and an email address and they will mail you samples and coupons.


Michelle said...

Great article, thanks for sharing!

chelle's winks said...

This is helpful...I'm a blonde so glad you reminded me about the cap on the toothpaste...boy would that have been wasteful!

I'm gonna figure out all of your secrets:) and put them to use!


Marva said...

Great ideas! You got kind of funny there at the end, didn't you?!:)

I have been reading, little time for commenting though........

so happy belated Birthday......and Anniversary!

I am glad you guys had a blast on the cruise! You deserve the best!

I feel terrible for not getting back to you on the veggies.

The truth is we are buying most of our okra to resell. It is sky high $16 for an 8 quart basket.

My aunt usually has a ton of butterbeans and they have not done any good at has been so very dry here.

The corn was a a hit and miss and very little of it. Right now it is $5 per dozen at the local markets. We do not grow corn.

Have you gotten anything put up? How are the prices in your area?

What about the local market at H'ville?

Hope all is well!


Dawn said...

You truly are gifted in this area. Are you comfortable speaking in public? When we lived in another town, I was the local director for a national Christian moms' group and was always on the lookout for speakers. We had a lady who came in a spoke about this topic and it was really good! You should check into it - doesn't always pay well ($50-$100 a talk) but you'd be doing some women a huge favor!!!

Southerner said...

Wow, thanks, Dawn! I have been asked to serve on the Building committee at church in the capacity of coming up with ideas to raise money for our new building. I am trying to work through my thoughts on maybe seeing if I could do a class and teach others. I also thought it would be cool to do a phamphlet cookbook with low cost recipes. Yall are all such an encouragement.