Monday, August 18, 2008

Finding "caught" water

Mrs. Darling commented that one pitcher of water would not water her plants and I wanted to clarify what I do. It does sound as if she has rows and rows of flowers and vegetables so I probably am in any way needing that much water. What I have is two 4x8 raised bed vegetable boxes and two patio tomatoes. Everything else is on the God watering system. I really want at least two rain barrels but haven't found them locally and haven't decided on ordering them.

I don't only use the water I collect from glasses to water my plants. I save the water I boil noodles, potatoes and eggs. I let it cool and use that. I mentioned that I have started filling my larger popcorn bowl with water and use it to rinse off dishes before putting them in the dishwasher. I use that water. I am becomming aware of catching the water that is running while waiting on the water to get hot. I have even used the small amount of tea and coffee. I either blend it with a lot of water or only pour it in the compost bin. I have a few really large plastic bowls that we use for popcorn that I run out to the patio table if it rains. I pour that into my watering cans or into milk jugs for later when it all dries out. When we go shopping or to ball I always fill bottles for us to have water. I use the water we didn't drink. Just be aware of water that is there and it is amazing how much you have that you throw out. When you paid for it coming in, you want to use it instead of just throwing it out.

This weekend my husband moved the drain hose from the air conditioner. It now drains into the ground right at the end of the vegetable bed. We are hoping some will seep over to the bed because it has a really slight slope down from that area.

I have not watered my garden daily. I think I have watered it 4 times since May. One of the advantages that I have is that we have clay soil. We didn't go by the Square Foot Garden recipe for making good soil. We got a truckload of topsoil which equals tilled clay. We added in two bags of manure. I don't even water with collected water daily. If I have a pot of water from cooking noodles or eggs I go ahead and take that to the garden. I will put two or three cups at the base only of each plant. My daily watering from the pitcher goes to my patio tomatoes. The only times I turned the hose on to water was when it dried out.

I have thought about taking a bucket up to our shower to collect the water before it turns hot. I don't know if I want to haul it down steps and I think my husband would really think I am nuts. If the bill is that high again I just might do it.


Mrs. Darling said...

You know what I think part of the difference is where you live. Here in Oregon you drive down the road and see huge fields of vegetables with large irrigation systems shooting water up over the crops. We dont get any measurable rain here for the three months of summer. The rest of the country has thunderstorms to drop refreshing showers on their gardens. Here the gardens and outdoor things depend entirely on mans watering. Today the news said we have had 1/10 of an inch of rain since the first of July. Here it rains solid for nine months of winter spring and fall but in the summer you have dry, dry weather.

The farmers have irrigation systems on wheels and the pressure of the water rolls the wheels and moves the huge system across the fields. Its just a different world. :) Everything would die if we didnt irrigate.

Ive alwasy loved the old rain barrel idea. In the winter, wow, that would work great here. I really should try it. I heard its great for washing hair in. Of course that bit comes from older people and they didnt have all this toxic polluted rain water then but still Id like to try it sometime.

I love discussing saving energy devices I just dont want to go too far in it! I too easily recall dipping water from the well as a kid and cooking on the woodstove. Im so not into that anymore. LOL

countrygirl3031 said...

I stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say "hi". Interesting ideas for catching water...I'll have to try some of them..thanks!

Stop by and visit when you have time.


Tami said...

I have to make you a bit jealous. We are on a community well and our water bill is only $32 a month no matter what we use. Even with the pool. Although, we do not waste water but I'm not quite as frugal as you. If our drought levels don't improve, I may be doing the same things you are.