Saturday, July 5, 2008

To paint or not to paint

This is my kitchen table. I planned to paint it black when we moved. The top definitely has to be redone, the kids have scrubbed it too dealth, and I now have excess marker marks from coloring projects. Now, the blue is back in and I don't know what to do. I love the blue, but bought the black barstools thinking it would all match. Do I have to match? Would it all look better? Option one is to just sand and stain the top and seats a darker stain, more antiquey, rustic looking. Second option, paint it all black, keep with the plan, quit trying to change things up. Third option, paint the top only and 4 of the chairs different colors to bring in color. Husband doesn't like third option, so if that is the concensus I'll have to wait till he has another business trip.

Before photo of kitchen. If you haven't been following long, my WHOLE house was painted this green color(looks blue in photo.) Everything! Pantry-Yep. Garage-Yep. Linen closet- Yep.
Sneak preview of remodel. We moved the cabinet above the refrigerator up. Painted bases. We still haven't started on the doors. We still haven't ordered or picked out countertops. I have tried every light fixture to replace "the box"... chandaliers, the pool table type lights, extra large ceiling mounts- can't find anything that puts out enough light. We can't add can lights without tearing up the WHOLE ceiling to wire (2nd story above.) I have painted it the same color as the cabinets for now. I am going to glaze that. Then, keep looking. Could you live with open cabinets? I go crazy from the messiness of it. People don't have to ask where the glasses are, though.
This is my table! It was featured on A Soft Place to Land and I am stealing her photo. See the before and after here.
Pottery Barn painted black.


Jamie Lea said...

I like the blue :-) and I don't think it all has to match.
I LOVE the table you finished!

blessedwith5 said...

The good news is that you don't have to match your wood colors! Mixing is in! If you want to "tie" it all together you could add the blue to the bar stools or shabby chic the table and chairs by adding black paint, scuff the surface in various areas to reveal the blue and then top coat in clear. Then you will have the best of both worlds!
Open cabinets - - only if you and your family are absolutley anal about keeping everything tidy!
Let us know what you decide!

Peggy said...

I vote keep it blue, stain the table top and chair bottoms. Add a few strokes of black paint to the legs then sand them a little. You could add blue seat cushions to your black stools or sand and paint them blue. I love your kitchen!

Dawn said...

Well, I'm on a black kick now so I was going to say black. But, then I looked at the pictures and I love the blue! So now I say leave it blue and put some chair cushions on the chairs in some sort of a black/white pattern to tie it in with the rest of the room.

Christi said...

Paint it black. The blue color makes the table/chairs look a little "country" and doesn't really fit into your decorating scheme, from what I can see in the pictures.

Connie said...

Thank you for all of your great advice about Disney. This whole Disney thing is new to me so all your tips will be very helpful.

As for your table, I would do a black stain rub on the top of the table and the seats of the chairs. I would then scuff the edges up a bit with a fine grit sandpaper. (lightly sand the top and the seats first.) The best black stain that I have found is a black milk paint from The Unfinished Mega Mart store.
I would leave the chairs the blue color or I would paint the side chairs all black and leave the end chairs blue with black seats. Or maybe the side chairs blue and the end chairs black. See there I go, always trying to find the best combination with any and everything.
As for the matchy-matchy thing, Never! You don't want to feel like you walked into a store and picked everything that belongs together. My kitchen nook table is my formal dining table which is a walnut, mahagony color with only 4 of my chairs, 2 on one side and the 2 on the ends. The other side has two blue Pottery Barn benches. The formal chair seats are covered with a velvet stripe. And of course my island is black, so see it doesn't have to match at all.
As for the light fixture over the island, I might would try 2 larger hanging lights. (Not pendants- but hurricane type lights.) That would spread your lighting out over the entire kitchen. You would probaby have to tap into the existing electrial and create 2 wire boxes. I would ask an electrician. have some good lights as well as Lowe' Pottery Barn is my favorite, but be prepared to pay.
Good Luck, can't wait to see the transformation.

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hi! thanks for stopping by. On that okra, I flour mine to make it crisp. I think that's what my mom uses too. I LOVE fried squash too, but for a healthier version, I sautee in a couple TBLs canola oil. Just drizzle in the bottom of a big pan, add the squash & onions & let simmer for awhile. It will cook down & really tastes good.

If your friend is Sandy, she already emailed me & I gave her the scoop on finding good yardsales. I told her you have to check the paper out.

Thanks for coming by to see me!

Oh, on your table, that is really a pretty color, but with all the renovations you are doing, I think I'd stick to the original plan of black (keep the top stained), since you have the stools too. Black will look great with all your colors. It all looks great!


Meg said...

Black, definitely of my favorite colors and I think it will go beautiful with what you are doing!
Great blog, I will be back!

Valarie said...

I think you should paint it black, but I am in the mood to paint stuff black. :)

jennifer said...

I really like the blue. Really really. No painting the barstools? I could easily see each stool painted a different color, in something that would jive with the blue.

BTW.. a bright deep red looks great with blue.


April said...

your kitchen looks great! Keep the table blue:)

Judy said...

I'm having a hard time deciding what color to paint my kitchen walls and cabinets. We are doing a little cosmetic re-do this year and hopefully ALL NEW cabinets next year. I'm replacing the tile floor with the hardwood floor to match my den and dining room. I LOVE your kitchen wall color and cabinet color. Can you please tell me what the wall color and cabinet colors are? I'm leaning toward Latte....all my trim has to be painted cause this house is 24 years old and the "country" look was in so I've got to get rid of the stained chair rail, door frames, window seat and have it all painted out. What a job...thank goodness we're hiring it out!


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