Thursday, June 12, 2008

Baseball and the Snake

I never posted anything about our championship game. The Pirates were 1st in their division. We decorated the car for the game.
He hits!
We ended up losing 11 to 12. It was heart breaking. Our boys just did not play to par that day and had some errors in fielding, which is not usual. So, they ended up second overall for the second year in a row.
Our other son had their end of the year pool party over the weekend.
Today... We have a few kids over. My other son (friend of daughter) told me Sunday that since I am his second mom I should know that his birthday is today. My daughter made him an icecream cake and he and a couple of others are here. My son came in saying a snake was in the garage. I grabed the light saber and went and the snake went behind the outdoor refrigerator. This is in the garage, not the refrigerator on the front porch. See him! What in the world is all that birdseed doing behind the refrige? He was pretty big. We all chased him out. My daughter's boyfriend wanted to kill him. I think because he was scared of him and cannot go to his car in the dark knowing there is a loose snake out there.

This is the birthday boy trying to catch him. But, we just chased him under the deck.
I was ready with the light saber in case I needed "the force."


Tracye said...


Just seeing this picture is going to make me freak out all night every time something touches my leg or foot.

Anonymous said...

What kind of snake was it? Do you have alot of snakes?


Southerner said...

It is a gray rat snake. This is our first snake, but we had a racoon one Sunday when we came in from church. We have a pond and vegetable garden, so will probably see many more animals.

blessedwith5 said...

I do NOT like snakes! They scare the begeebers out of me! Wow! Grabbing a light sabor and heading to confront it - you are THE MOM!!!