Sunday, June 22, 2008


My husband found blackberries on the back of our lot yesterday. I am so excited. I have two bare root blackberry bushes that I ordered but didn't know that we already have some. We picked the few that were ripe and I bought angel food cake and whipped cream and had the blackberries on top. I ate the tomato in the photo that was ripe yesterday. It was pretty good. I was touching it and it fell off or I would have let it stay on the plant another day or two.
We also found out that one of the trees up front on the far side of our lot is a cherry tree. It is loaded with cherries. I don't like cherries but am really excited anyway. Maybe I can make a little money or just bless others with them.
Our lot is unique in that it is about a half acre right in the middle of town. But, the back 30 feet or so is completely wooded so that you only get glimpses of houses behind us. We are on the end of the street. There is a ditch running beside us and behind that woods. There is a trail through the woods that in one area has a little bridge. The kids love to play out in the woods making forts and playing war. The people before us must have loved flowers and we are still waiting to see what all is planted around. The mailbox area had daiseys and a bulb with pink flowers that came up. Tulips came up in the spring. Behind the deck there are a lot of bulbs that came up and are ready to bloom but I don't know what they are. There is clematis and honeysuckly on the fence. It smelled so good. We didn't know about the cherry tree and Husband said when friends were over they said one of the back trees is a fig. I don't see fruit on any though. I want a garden where I can grow most of our vegetables so badly that I am having a hard time being patient. About 20 feet behind our deck is a fenced area with an arbor. It is all old and we are removing all that and I would like to replace it because I love having a kitchen garden area. Every morning birds are on the arbor and it is so nice. Our pond is inside this area next to the deck and it has a fountain. I have been researching photos of layouts for the kitchen garden. I hope that next spring we will have the fencing redone and I will be able to add all the beds. I already have 7 rose bushes and bulbs. My hydrangeas died. I found out that the hydrangeas that come out at Mother's Day are not ones that will live if you plant them because they are hot house and not very disease tolerant. I am learning, slowly, but learning.
We have to remove our shed because of Homeowner's Association. We are going to miss it. My husband is going to build some storage things that are attached to the back of the house. We will atleast be able to put in the rakes and my pots and the wheelbarrow.

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Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

How great that you found some blackberries! You probably saw the ones we got from Petals..and we are definitely going to plant some of those large ones next year. We've enjoyed the pies!