Friday, May 9, 2008

More Walgreens and Publix deals

I converted $50 RR to gift cards before beginning.
1st transaction
2 cascade
old spice body wash
7 crest pro health- Walgreen coupon for $3/2
Used $3.00 RR from Oreo deal
Paid $13.21 with gift card- received $20 RR+ $2 old spice body wash RR

2nd transaction
2 oreos 2/$5
paid $5.40 with gift card/ received $3 RR

3rd transacton
2 oreos 2/$5
folgers coffee $2.49-$.50 coupon
used $6 RR from venus deal
paid $1.59 with gift card/received $3 RR

4th transaction
3-charmin cloths $3,98
4-Mr Clean disinfecting wipes ON CLEARANCE for $1.79 each
old spice body wash $3.34- $2 RR
2 cascade dishwasher detergent 2/$5
used $3 RR from oreo deal (3rd trans.)
paid $16.04 with gift card /received $20 RR+ $2 old spice body wash RR

5th transaction
2 cascade 2/$5
3-Mr clean wipes $1.79 each
3-charmin wipes
old spice body wash $3.34- $2 RR catalina
used $3 oreo RR transaction 2
paid $16.25 with gift card /received $20 RR+ $2 old spice body wash RR

I spent $42.49 of my gift card money. Earned $60 RR which is a profit of $17.51.

Publix has the Live Active Post cereal on sale BOGO for 2/$3.79. I had two $3 coupons and two $1 coupons so I made $.42- tax on these four boxes of cereal!


Denise Sawyer said...

Post over at my site for CVS Superstars with a TWIST...
You can post your adventures at CVS or Walgreens or ... BOTH!!

Hope to see you there!
The "Cent"sible Sawyer

April said...

Great buys!

Cassie - Homeschooling Four said...

I am loving the Post cereal deals!!

Anonymous said...

great deals! I have a question though: you said you converted $50 in RR into a gift card- how did you do this? If I could do this too it would really help me out! Thanks!

Southerner said...

anonymous- The first time I tried I went in with two $10 RRs and picked up two $10 Walgreens cards. I took them to the cashier and put down one RR per card. Worked. Then I went to another store and asked if I could reload cards and they added three in one transaction. I then went to the store down the street from me and they would not let me put them on a card. The asst. manager said the store manager prohibited it. I went back to the other store and put $50 RR on a card at one time. I just asked if I could reload a card I had and handed them all 5 RR.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for answering my question! I hope this works for me! Some of the Walgreens in my area are easier to deal with than others (paying with more than 1 RR...) so I hope they allow this! I had earned $80 RR yesterday and had to find things to spend them on before they expired :(. Until now, I thought the best way was to spend them on FAR items, essentially recouping the money onto a gift card. Your way is soo much more convenient! Thanks again!

jennifer said...

You are quite simply, amazing!

Come by my site. I am hosting a Baby Shower for Jana.

Be blessed,


Kari & Kijsa said...

Happy Mother's Day! Hope you had a wonderful day with your family.

kari & kijsa

chelle's winks said...

you are an incredible shopper. Wish I could do this....

Julie Collins said...

Hi Southerner:

I apologize for contacting you by posting here, but I didn't seen an email address. I am writing a story on smart grocery store cost-cutting strategies for a magazine article and am looking for some southerners like you who might be willing to share some creative bargain-shopping ideas with me for the story. If you would be interested in doing a quick interview, could you please send me an email at Thanks very much!

meg duerksen said...

you are amazing!
i can't even remember to give the lady my .50 coupons when i pay!! i am so disorganized.
i have a feeling if we traveled together in campers i would drive you crazy! :)
that's probably why you could live in a hotel for 8 could get things organized and normal.
we would be in chaos until the 7th week where i would finally get a grip on it all.

jennifer said...

I am going to HAVE to learn to save like that. You have a gift!!

Be blessed.