Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Publix and CVS

I dropped by Publix before baseball last night to get things before the sale ended. I got 8 boxes of cereal, 4 Barillo spaghetti pastas, and 6 Ragus. My total after coupons was $$21.25. I got 3 of the Essesence of Beauty toe dividers for $2.98 and made $5 ECB, I got one toe dividers and two makeup applicators for $4.98 and made $5 ECBs, I also got the Excedrine free after a coupon and made $1 ECB and I got 4 baby shampoos free after coupons. We are having a neighborhood garage sale in a few weeks and I am going to make a basket of all the free stuff that I don't want or need and sell it for $1.00. Hopefully, some of it will sell and I can use the money to BUY MORE- what else?

WATCH YOUR RECEIPTS! I don't know if it was because I went on Tuesday evening and they were changing the registers for the sales to start the next day or what but the Ragu rang up $2.89 each instead of 2 for $1.99. I bought 6 so I was charged $11.34 too much. I have to make a special trip to get this straightened out. I knew the total was not right from the beginning. I was just in a hurry to get to the baseball game and didn't stop right there and check it. I should have. I guess I can get this weeks sales when I go to get my money.

Monthly grocery total is now at $347.78. This sure is going up really fast. I need meat, I have a lot of chicken breasts, but I am out of hamburger meat.


Marva said...

Great deals. It's a real bummer whe you get overcharged. WE use a lot of pasta and sauce here.....yummy! Told you I love my carbs!

As for the garage sale. I sell my free CVS things like razors for $2 and $3 each. the smaller things $1 and $2. It certainly adds up. We were going to have our semi-annual sale last week and my mil passed, so we are shooting for the first weekend in May. Always do them then. SS and low income checks come out the 3rd, more people seem to buy around that time. Just a thought........ ;)


Southerner said...

Marva- we have a neighborhood sale that day- that is why we are doing it that day. When the whole neighborhood does it we can get a lot more traffic. I am so ready to get this stuff out of my garage! I am putting the clothes up for the semi annual consignment sale if they do not sell. My friend gets $8.00 for dresses and $4.00 for pants, and $3-$4 for shirts. I am going to start buying at garage sales for the consignment sales also, when I get more organized and more along with the house remodel.

Southerner said...
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Marva said...

Great idea! We usually have between 7 - 11 families and we live on a U.S. highway, so there is a lot of traffic. The consignment sale sounds great!

GReat idea too about buying from garage sales for the consignment sale! Blessings!!!