Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Graduation shopping

I took my two daughters shopping last night. My oldest will graduate 4 weeks from today- EEK! They have to wear a dark dress with black or navy shoes. I think we cheated a little because we bought the black and white sundress for her to wear. She will have on the cap and gown so it won't even show anyway. We also bought her some black ballet type shoes with a heel. We bought the other sundress above to wear the next night to our rival school's graduation. She has a lot of friends from church that go to that school. I love the print on it.

We aren't doing anything big but my daughter wanted everyone to come over after graduation to hang out. They have about 650 graduating so it will probably be after 9 when we get back home. We will have grandparents here and some of her friends. She mentioned we have to make a fire pit by then, so I guess we need Smores. Give me ideas. I know I will make some snack foods like pigs in a blanket, cheese dip and tortilla chips, cake, Smores for the fire, and other stuff. I also might get out and string some lights in the backyard trees and around the fence.

Didn't anyone notice that I have been gone this week???? My husband went to Colorado last week so I was doin it alone. We had a lot of nights with two kids going to different parts of town at the same time and my driving daughter had plans. We missed church pictures because my husband couldn't leave Colorado as scheduled. They were to return on Friday at 2:30 but the people in Colorado did not do what they were supposed to do on the project so he worked until 2 AM on Friday night then woke up at 5 to catch a plane to come home on Saturday.


chelle's winks said...

Graduation...Wow...what a big moment for her. What are her plans now? Hope your party is fantastic and wishing you well in years to come.

Southerner said...

Chelle- she is staying home and has been offered a full scholorship to University of Alabama at Huntsville. She wants to be a nurse.

Tami said...

I've been patiently checking your blog everyday. I'm glad you are back. I assumed you were really busy. I love those dresses. Both are gorgeous. Glad you're back.

Marva said...

Been missing you! Glad all is well. Graduation......that really takes me back.

The dresses are really cute!!

As far as appetizers go, do some ham rolls. Yum! I can email the recipe if you want. Also popcorn and roast some weiners in the pit.

Some soft drinks and water in a tub of ice. Heck, just let me come and cater! ;) just kidding. I do have many recipes, just let me know. Email if you want blessedfrugalness@hotmail.com.

I catered my own wedding. No joke. Fired the caterer 3 days before the big day.

Glad you are well and hubby is home! Blessings!!!

Mrs. Darling said...

Lovely dresses! Congratulations for your daughter!

Psst. Today is weigh in!

The Southern Mom said...

Hi! Found you on 'Crazy in Alabama's' blog. Congrats on getting one graduated! Love the dresses.

It's All Good! said...

I'm like 'tami', just figured you've been real busy. Glad you're back. Congratulations to your daughter. Have a great party.
Brenda :)

jennifer said...

Shoot. I have been trying so hard to get caught up from being gone last week, I wouldn't realize if someone in my house was gone this week.

But I am glad that you are back at it!

I am not ready to see my children graduate, and it will be no time, I'm sure. Ideas for snacks.... have you ever made the bar like things that are Club crackers spread out on a foil covered cookie sheet. Then you put coccnut on top. Then is a sauce pan, you heat butter and sugar together and bring to a quick boil. Pour that over the crackers and coconut and put in the oven and bake for a bit ( do you notice that I don't remember amounts or times). Let sit and it makes a bar. Graham crackers and brown sugar are good too.

any hoo, Hope you come up with something that actually makes sense.


Southerner said...

Marva- are you talking about ham on the small rolls or something else?

Jennifer- thanks for the ideas.

Marva said...

Yes. Here's the recipe just in case....

Ham Rolls
1 stick butter
3 T. poppyseeds
3 T. prepared mustard
10oz. chopped ham
1 t. worcestshire sauce
1 med. onion, finely chopped
8 oz. shredded cheddar cheese
3 pkg. dinner rolls(in aluminum pans)

Combine all (EXCEPT rolls) in a saucepan. Cook over medium heat until cheese is melted. Slice rolls and fill with mixture. Bake covered in aluminum pans on 375* for 15 minutes.

ENJOY! just let me know if I can help!