Wednesday, March 26, 2008

It's Not Even Monday

okay, I am really starting this time. Really. I mean it. And it is not even Monday or the first of the month. If you notice no photos of me are shown of our vacation photos. That is because they are in the witness reloadation program. "Reloadation: the load that I carry needs to be relocated somewhere else" You know how they take photos of you when you are on a rollar coaster and you run to the booth to see what stupid face you were making? Well, we couldn't find mine. I know I was on the coaster! We backed up the page and had to find the family member sitting beside me and my husband looked at me with horror on his face and said OUT LOUD, "That's you?!" Like, Oh my goodness I am married to a woman that looks like porky the pig. I did have on cute shoes, though. I am serious though, not even my family recognized me with my hair blown back making a face like I was about to die. So, I have polished off my South Beach Cookbook (this time
there are not kisses wrappers included in the photo)
and am doing a two week jumpstart of combo South Beach/Adkins to get off the sugar and carbs. We did do a lot of walking for what I have been doing so I got a start to excercising.

To help stay on track and reduce the grab whatevers I am planning two weeks of food and am going to shop and then cook up the food so it is ready. My plan for my menu is below.

W- Scrambled egg and canadian bacon
T- Omelet with peppers and onions
F- Egg cup with sausage, Peppers, and onions
S- Frittata with zucchini
S- Burrito with sausage and low carb tortilla
M- ham cup ( bake an egg in a slice of ham in muffin cup)
T- Scrambled egg and canadian bacon
(Repeat second week)

W- ham and cheese wrap in lettuce with tomato, carrots with Ranch
T- LO white bean and greens soup
F- salad w/ LO spice rubbed chicken
S- Veg soup
S- LO capri chicken
M- Lo ginger teriyaki chicken,broccoli
T- Lo chili, carrots with Ranch
W- salad with LO steak and grilled squash
T- Hamburger patty with cheese peppers and onions, salad
F- Lo Thai veg stir fry
S- low carb tortilla with LO Italian chicken, lettuce, tomato
S- LO black bean soup, carrots with Ranch
M- LO lemon chicken and salad
T- quesadilla with low carb tortilla, cheese, LO meat and peppers, onions & tomatoes

W- White bean and greens soup
T- Spice rubbed chicken fingers, Broiled veggies
F- vegetable soup
S- capri chicken
S- chili, salad
M- ginger teriyaki chicken, broccoli
T- steak kabobs, grilled squash
W- souffle spinach chicken
T- thai veg stir fry
F- Italian chicken, green beans
S- black bean soup, salad
S- lemon chicken, broccoli
M- Dales pork chop, green beans, mashed cauliflower "potatoes"
T- Greek chicken, roasted or grilled vegetables

cheese stick/ slice
sugarfree gelatin with whip cream
sugarfree jello- chocolate, banana
deviled egg

This is my excercise routine plan
W- Upper body Firm tape, walk 30 minutes at lunch
T- walk 30 minutes two times today
F- Lower body Firm sculpt tape
S- walk 40 minutes
S- walk 40 minutes
M- Firm Body Sculpt, walk 40 minutes at night
T- Tae Bo 30 minutes, walk 40 minutes at night
W- Start It up tape with resistance band, walk 30 minutes
T- Firm Ab Sculpt, walk 40 minutes
F- Firm Body Sculpt
S- walk 50 minutes
S- walk 50 minutes
M- Firm Sculpt, walk 50 minutes
T- Tae Bo 30 min, walk 50 min

Goal is to lose 4 lbs in the two weeks
I am naming my check in each week Wednesday Waddling to the Weigh In


Tami said...

I love it. Maybe I should just start exercising and "weigh in" with you so you can help keep me accountable. I think if I just exercised, I would lose a lot. I tried Atkins and I hated it. But I am not a meat eater. I'll have to plan and see if I can do it too now that the weather is getting warm.♦

Southerner said...

tami- that would be great! I would love to have others to hold me accountable and to work with. Marva also wanted to try to lose weight.

Tami said...

'Chelle over at Tiddly Winks is doing a whole weight loss thing on Wednesday too. You might want to check it out. She's got a little support group thing going. Her URL is You might want to check it out. She's doing Weight Watchers.

chelle's winks said...

Hey, we were both thinking alike....Yes..the more the merrier. All support is greatly appreciated...Love to work with you!

Thanks for stopping by....

JenMarie said...

Thanks for the inspiration!