Monday, March 24, 2008

I Have Been Tagged

Marva at Blessed Frugalness Times Two With Twinshas tagged me. I have to list 10 random things about myself and tag 5 people.

1. I was adopted at birth.

2. I have lived in Pearl, Mississippi; Mobile, AL; Panama City, FL; Huntsville, AL; Niceville, FL; and Madison, AL.

3. My first job after babysitting was as a dental assistant. I was picked out of my accounting class to go on a job interview at a pediatric dental office. I got the job and was supposed to answer phones and file charts and help up front, but was quickly called to the back to sit and talk to the kids while waiting for their mouth to get numb. That led to me learning how to assist the doctor. I was 16 and got out at 12 each day to go to work. My mom died one month before I turned 18 and I later discovered it was God's provision for me to live on my own.

4. I later worked in orthodontics. I made all the models of the teeth, can bend all kind of special loops in the wires, can sauder wires to bands and make appliances. Oh, and take impressions while the kids throw up all at the same time.

5. I was the number one ten and under swimmer for Mobile county. I was always good at running fast, swimming and catching balls but never played softball or anything like that. I was an official girly girl tom boy. I was the girl climbing trees in my Sunday dress.

6. This summer I will have been married half my life. I celebrate 20 year anniversary in July and my 40th birthday in August.

7.While sitting at daughter's football game this year we were debating whether to buy school shirts to wear to the games. I realized that we had 14 consecutive years remaining that we will have a kid in high school, so it would be worth the investment in shirts. For those who missed it, this fall daughter starts college and we will have at least one in college for the next 14 years. Some of those years we will have two or more in college at the same time, but atleast one in each of those years. Do you feel better now?

8. Out of 5 births my smallest at two weeks early was 8lb 13 1/2 oz. My biggest was 10 lb. 14 1/2 oz. and I delivered her with no meds. I had a 9 lb. 9 oz, 10 lb. 2 oz.,and 9 lb. 14 oz. Bragging rights go to my MIL who had twins weighing over 14 lbs.

9. I became an emancipated minor at age 18. In Mobile, you had to be 21 to be considered an adult to sign papers. I had to sell our home and be able to rent an apartment and buy a car so I became emancipated.

10. I had to call my MIL long distance when we were 1st married to ask how to make hot dogs. There are not directions on the package. We did not eat hot dogs growing up so I had never seen them made other than grilling them. Poor husband, it is a wonder he survived me learning to cook. When mom died I survived on Lean Cuisines and eating out.

I tag Tami,Nicole,Tracye,Weighing in on Life, and Kim.


Marva said...

Thanks for doing the tag! Glad to see you guys are back! Missed you!!!

I am assuming the twins were over 14# each? Holy Moly!!! Mine were not 8# together.

If I may ask what years did you guys live in Niceville? I keep thinking you and your hubby look soooo familiar. i had a cousin and her husband that lived there while he was stationed there in the Air Force. We visited them quite a bit. They did not have kids....their dogs were their kids. Last name Jackson. Just curious. They are in S.C. now and he just recently retired.

Have a great day and blessings!!!

Southerner said...

The twins were 8lb ?oz and 6 lb ?oz. No, not 14 lb each- that would be horrible! It was over 14 lbs total baby weight.

We were in Niceville from 1994- 2007. We lived in Crestview 4 years on 10 acres and then moved to Bluewater Bay for the last 7 years. I don't think i know anyone with the name Jackson, but hubbie knows more from work on base than I do.

Tracye said...

Thanks for tagging me... and for your sweet thoughts. Your story made me smile, and I appreciate it.

I'll do it soon, I promise.