Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Gatlinburg for Spring Break

We have booked a home and are making plans for spring break. I would love to hear from others any ideas of cool things to do and places to eat while we are there. I know we are going to Dollywood and the Dixie Stampede. We aren't planning on spending a lot more on entertainment so we need cheap or free ideas. We are buying our DW and DS tickets from the base here, which is a better price than the deals online. I didn't want to tempt waiting till we were there to find-or not find- deals advertised when we get there. The Dixie Stampede is a splurge. It is going to cost $200 for all 7 of us. The normal price is $40 for adults. That is a lot for a dinner night out but we are getting back a really good tax refund and the tax rebate.We have worked many years two or more jobs and just had a year where we had two house payments that killed us and our daughter is graduating in May so we are really due some time away and a little splurge. We plan on hiking and hopefully fishing and of coarse shopping a little. I saw there is a mirror maze with a 10 minute light show on the main strip. I did't see a price for that. Has anyone done that? I am really looking forward to getting away up in the mountains. Our house that we rented is on the top of a mountain and has a pooltable. It also has a full length of the house porch so we can sit out there and read or just look out.


mom_of2boys said...

I'm jealous. I love Gatlinburg! I would definitely take the skylift up to see the city. It's not terribly expensive but it's beautiful! I'd also take a drive through Cade's Cove.

I can't remember all we normally do. It's been a while since we've been down there. It was a quick visit since we only stopped on our way to Bristol for a Nascar race.

I'm planning a stop on our way back from Myrtle Beach or Destin this summer.

Carrie J said...

Found your blog through your post on Meredith's blog. I live in Knoxville and do a lot of business in the Mountains. I thought I would share a few tips. We usually do our big meals out for lunch. If you like homecooking I would recommend The Old Mill in Pigeon Forge for lunch. They are much cheaper at lunch, from around $7. They have very generous portions and really good food. They serve corn fritters and corn chowder with every meal. The resturant in right on the Pigeon River and if they have a table available you can sit right next to the windows overlooking it.
The Roaring Fork Motor trail above Galinburg is interesting but a little winding. Check with park officals to see if it is open. Sugarland visitor center near the entrance to the park has good displays and films at no charge. If you can try to get over to Townsend and go up to the Cades Cove motor trail. Early mornings or late afternoon are best for animal viewing.
In Pigeon Forge there is mostly shopping and theaters. There are go carts and rides. I can't think of anything that is free there. Most of the free stuff is associated with the park. I hope you have a great trip. If I think of anything else I'll post again.

Meredith said...

Thanks for *your* spring break advice! Hope someone can give you just as detailed info for Gatlinburg as you gave me for Destin!

We hope to take the children to the Smokies this summer, God and budget willing, so I look forward to hearing about your trip.

Marva said...

We have not been in ages. I do hope you all have a delightful time. Remember to post and take lots of pics too! Blessings!!!!

Tami said...

WE love Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge and go there at least once or twice a year. It is only 3 hrs. from where we live. We always go to Cades Cove. Go to the visitor's center and get directions or just ask someone in a restaurant. THis is a great free activity. We go late in the afternoon around 4 or 5 because that is when you see all the wildlife. WE always see lots of deer. We usually see bear and sometimes a fox or two. You drive through and there are stops all along the way to take pictures and visit a cabin or two. We love going there and the kids always get a kick out of seeing the animals even though we see them in our back yard. There is outlet shopping in Pigeon Forge and they have really good deals on winter clearance about this time of year. Calhoun's is a great place to eat. There is one in Pigeon Forge and one in Gatlinburg. WE like the one in Gatlinburg because of the atmosphere but both have excellent food. This might be a splurge night because prices are more like OUtback or somewhere like that. WE usually go to the Smokey Mtn. Visitor's Center as you come across the mountain into Gatlinburg and there is a trail that has lots of information about how the State Park was formed. IT was very educational and a great little walk. There are lots of hiking trails and just walking downtown is free and fun. Go to Old Smokey Candy Kitchen and get candied or caramel apples. They also make and pull taffy so you can watch from the window. There are great breakfast restaurants too. If you go to Dolly wood I would recommend eating anywhere inside the park. It is kinda expensive but well worth it. The food is great. Dollywood is my favorite attraction and Dixie Stampede is good if you have never been there. You got a really good deal on those tickets for the STampede. Get some Krispey Kreme doughnuts while you are there. Best doughnuts in the world. You may not have a Krispy Kreme. It is a southern thing and i'm not sure where you live. I wasn't terribly impressed with THe Old MIll when we went because I think I can make food better than theirs. WE like the Apple BArn. Great Apple Fritters and food is served FAmily style. Not sure what it cost but there are shops there too. So it could be just a free thing if you don't want to eat but I would buy a couple of apple fritters for the road. I can't think of anything else right not but I'll let you know if I do. You will love it there. Have a great time.

Jennifer said...

Gatlinburg is the best. One of the things we enjoyed the most is The Comedy Barn. I dont remember how much it is, but is really is worth it. Just a suggestion.

Susan said...

Hi - found you thru Wordless Wednesday. It sounds like you already have a lot of advice for your trip - hope you have a great time. I will add my 2 cents' worth - a loaf of bread and a jar of peanut butter... and all the free hiking and mountain climbing you can stand in the national park! But the sitting on the porch sounds really good to me. Enjoy!