Saturday, March 29, 2008

Garage Sale finds

Today was the first time we have been out to garage sales this year. There was only a few and not too much to choose from yet. I did get this iron leaf candle holder, pink watch, and an excercise mat. We have wood floors so I can't comfortably lay on the floor to work out so that is something I really wanted.

Our neighborhood is having a sale in about 3 weeks. EEK! I should take a photo of my garage. Between remodeling and throwing everything in the garage in the corner for a garage sale it is a mess. That is what I have to work on in the next few weeks.


Tami said...

I can't wait for garage sales to start back up this year in our town. We love to go. You got a couple of great finds.

Tracye said...

I just had one, and already I need to have another!

I just did my ten random things... unfortunately it turned to be an epic.

Thanks for tagging me! It was fun!

I hope I did it right... it was my first one. I feel so grown up.

chelle's winks said...

Girl...where do you live? We would be great friends...exercising, fighting the battle of losing and loving to bargain hunt...My husband and I love to find good treasures...It's really become a "hobby" of ours. Now that spring is here there should be a lot of good ones coming up...I'm gonna have one myself!

Nice finds!

chelle's winks said...

Yes...about your comment on mine...we live in one of those kind of neighborhoods too. No one else bargain hunts. We have a huge detached RV garage that we have turned into a gameroom or another house. It has a full kitchen, bath and loft. We are always looking for good unique stuff to put all over the walls and shelves. Tins, liquor decanters,pictures, and crazy things. The walls look kinda like what the Ruby Tuesday rest. sed to look. It's really cool and full of all our finds.I'll have to post a picture for you sometime. Everything else I come across is just icing on the cake. Last weekend... my son had been wanting a ping-pong table and we purchased one for $30, it looks brand new. The man bought it for his only child, stored it in his garage and the novelty of it didn't last with his boy so it isn't hurt. They also had a Pampered Chef brownie baking stone for $2.00 in the box and never used. Those were good finds! Can't wait until it warms up and everyone will be having them. My parents own 5 beach properties and it's amazing the things you find at the salvage shops down there. The motels have to change things out every year and they have some great funiture and beautiful pictures. You can't find things like that in our small town, but we like to go at the beach. I like antiques and just snooping around places like these. The best are Estate sales! Oh yeah I like the Hull pottery and found a piece at a yard sale that didn't have any cracks on it...I calmly asked the lady what she wanted for it, she hesitated and said $1.00 alright? She obviously didn't know what she had. I kinda felt like a crook getting it.Girl we'd clean people out and find all the good stuff...wish you were closer!