Friday, February 1, 2008

Tip of The Week

I was lurking around on and she had a tip I thought I would share. She said that if you get white deoderant marks on your dark clothes to take a black, dark brown, or navy sock and wipe it off. You don't need any water and it is supposed to really work.

My question is why does your sock have to be dark? Does the deoderant stain know how to tell colors? Is it biased towards certain colors. I want to know if a white, tan, pink, or light blue sock would work. We have also received some funky socks with monkies on them. Do you think the monkies would eat the stain? And, what about the striped and argyle socks?

I also think that a good tip would be that you not use a perfectly good sock. Use one of your left behinds that is sitting in a basket in your laundry room waiting for the possibility of being reunited one day. They deserve love too. By the way, how long should we wait for a mate? You know as soon as you do the deed and throw it away the roaming partner will come back. Decisions, decisions, decisions,


Meredith said...

LOL! I have no clue why the socks have to be dark...I didn't question it. I guess you could always try your white ones so that they don't feel left out. Not sure if they'll work or not though. :)

Thanks for stopping by and for commenting!

bigcitymama said...

the socks have to be dark because the white ones will leave white fuzzies on your dark clothes. And of course I know this because I have stupidly done it!!!