Thursday, February 28, 2008

Three in Orthodontic Treatment

We had records taken the end of last year and I went back today for the treatment plan for my three kids that are going into orthodontic treatment. I have known about this and put money aside but it is still hard to look at the numbers on a contract for treatment. I have one that only needs to have an expander, but two are going into full braces. The part that was not known is that two need wisdom teeth removed and two need adnoids removed. Our part of the orthodontist treatment is actually a little less than I thought it would be and will cost us $7500.00. Still a big number to me. I am so grateful for insurance that will pay $900.00 of one child, and $1500.00 for each of the other two. We planned for this expense and put aside money from the sale of our home in Florida. We also have $625.00 a month going into our flex medical account which is pre tax money. That alone saves us over $70 a month in taxes. It feels so good to have the money and not go into debt or have to struggle to pay a monthly bill.

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Marva said...

That is awesome that you have the money put back. Yes, it is a big number but thankfully you are wise in that area and have it together. You are blessed! Congrats on living like no one else! Blessings!!!!