Monday, February 11, 2008

Pride and Predjudice

I am trying to tape all the Jane Austen movies that are coming on PBS each Sunday. It is really horrible that my husband has to sit there while I watch one. Every few minutes you hear sighs and moans coming across the room. It is torture to him. But, I don't know why he has to torture me- can't I just enjoy it a little? To look over and see the look on his face of pure pain. And, all the comments that it is the same story as the other one we have with different actors.

I am glad that I am getting to tape them. Now I just have to wish for him to travel for work so that I can sit and actually enjoy watching one. I need to lose weight then I will make a long beautiful gown like they wear. I can invite friends over and sit in the wicker chairs beside our Koi pond and sip sweet tea or lemonade. What do y'all think if I made my hubbie a ruffle shirt. He could play the sulking Mr. Darcy. Then, we could have candlelight dinners with all the silver and china in the dining room. Our foyer is pretty big- we could have all our friends over to do the dances.

But first, I have to lose weight. I know my dining panels will need 12 yards of material and the cheapest I can find is $15 a yard. I can't afford a fat dress. My hopes of going Scarlett and making them out of the drapes is pretty slim since I don't have curtains in any room in the house. What do you say, honey, will you wear the ruffle shirt?


Anonymous said...

Don't even think about it:(

Southerner said...

Look at your senior portrait- what do you see? Ruffles!