Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Getting the kids to clean

Do you tell your kids to clean their room only to go back and find it looks like they didn't touch a thing? I do and it frustrates me. I forget how overwhelming it is to go into a room and see so much to do that you give up or stand there in shock. I can get them to do a better job if I divide the chore into specific things to do so that they know what to do. I will tell one to pick up all the books, one to pick up all the cars, and so on until it is done- or better:) Sometimes, we make it fun by telling one to pick up everything red and one everything blue and let them race to get it done first. Too many times I forget to make it fun and help them stay on track and I stand there yelling that they haven't gotten the job done. I need to spend more time helping them learn to break it down in pieces and make it fun.

I see something pink and green to pick up. You go find the red and blue things. Race ya.
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