Friday, February 29, 2008

Fall Back Meals

Do you have fall back meals? Today my kids went to their home school classes at the church so I ran all over town to all the CVS stores. I met my husband at Chilis for lunch. We both were not feeling well so we really didn't enjoy lunch. Man, we have only had supper at Chilis, not lunch, it was expensive. It was $17.00 before tip, and we both drank water. I got the unlimited soup and salad. It was good but I just didn't feel like eating much so didn't even eat one serving of each.

I picked up the kids from school and had just sat down on the couch and my 17 year old called to let me know that she had friends coming over. She brought home about 8 friends. They hooted and hollered for the last few hours and have all now left for something at the church. But, I have no supper ready. I put on some frozen peas, they will take an hour to cook. For those not from the south this is not English peas it is southern peas- pink eyed purple hulls. They actually taste nothing like black eyed peas, but that is the closest thing that people outside of the south understand. The only meat that I have since I have not shopped this week and I lost my coupons (see this post ) is smoked sausage and don't want that. I guess we are having peas, corn, and cornbread. This meal saved us from hunger when we were first married. My father in law would give us peas and corn that he grew. I would make cornbread and maybe some rice.

Some of our other quick fall back meals are:

ramen soup and grilled cheese sandwiches
quesadilla- throw in whatever you can find leftover
eggs, bacon/sausages, grits, and biscuits
I keep pizza dough and can sauce for pizzas or garlic/cinnamon sticks
macaroni and cheese- although not enough for hubbie

It is a real blessing that my daughter brings home her friends. It is killing any budget because teenagers can go through food, but I feel it is worth it to have them around. Even when they are noisy and acting stupid. I was really touched one day when my daughter came home from a lunch out with all of them. When they come over I talk to them and then we will go upstairs while they watch movies and then come down after the movie is over. She said that they all started talking and everyone was talking about how they liked to come to our house best. Because we talk to them!!!!! Just when you think that you have earned the dorky parents that are talking to me award. A couple of the kids have million dollar homes with home theatres and pool tables. We don't. I thought that would be the best liked house. I did find out the dad gets his guns out and tries to intimidate the boys. My daughter also mentioned that one of the boys has a house that there is nothing out of place. I said, "See, you need to make sure that it is clean when they come over. They are going to think we are slobs." and she said, "No, I feel like I can't touch anything and am not comfortable." So see, redeeming value of not being perfect at keeping a house- they feel loved and comfortable. Do you feel the hugs?


Marva said...

What a great feeling to be thought of like that. How wonderful that you take so much time with the kids!
Our fall back meals are taco salad, spaghetti, tuna salad, chicken noodle soup w/ grilled cheese and home canned veggie soup.


Katie said...

Your whole last paragraph is my hope as my oldest prepares for the teen years! How wonderful for you and your daughter!