Monday, February 4, 2008

CVS deals Feb. 3rd

This was the things that I picked up at CVS yesterday.

First deal:
2-Triaminic $6.99 each-$3 coupon each-$10 ECB = made $2
2 M&M bags $4.00- $1 coupon- $3 ECB= 50c each
necco conversation hearts 99c (for kids valentine's)
heart shaped suckers-99c (for kids valentine's)
snickers bar-69c (for kids valentine's)
Used $4/$20 coupon
Used $12 in ECB/ Made $13 ECB
out of pocket (OOP)= $.03

Deal 2:
4 boxes cereal $10.00- 5 ECB- $2 coupons= $3.00
Fructis shampoo $3.99-$3.99 ECB =free
Maybelline eye shadow $5.49-5.49 ECB= free
Reeses candy bar 69c
Used $4/$20 coupon
Used $$14.17 ECB/made $14.48 ECB
OOP= $.16

Deal 3:
I picked up another 2 eyeshadows and the energy drinks that were buy one for 4.99 and get one free with 5 ECB back. I picked up the wrong ones so was charged for both.

2- Coricidin HBP cold med 5.99-2 ECB-1 coupon=2.99 each
Maybelline eye shadow $5.49-5.49 ECB =free
Maybelline eye shadow $2.75 ( will return I was seeing if I would get the 5.49 ECB)
Jolly rancher suckers 1.5 for Valentines
2-5 hour energy drinks 4.99 each

I will return the energy drinks and one eyeshadow. The eyeshadow was marked 1/2 price and it was the one listed in the add. It was the last one on the shelf so I tried it to see if it would generate the ECB which it did not. I used ECB and another $4/$20 coupon to pay so paid $.39 OOP

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