Friday, February 22, 2008

Clothes that you can wear year round

It is Frugal Friday at My frugal tip is to buy basic/classic clothes that do not go out of style. Layer them to make your short sleeve shirts wear into the winter. For bottoms buy denim, khaki/olive, white, and black.

For boys: Layer short sleeve tees,polos and button front shirts over long sleeve tees and even sweat shirts. Or wear them under long sleeve button front shirts. Wear hoodies under jackets to add warmth.

For girls: Opt to buy skirts over dresses. Choose colors and the weight of fabric that can be worn both in the summer and winter just by changing tops. You can also get many more outfits with a skirt by changing the tops.

A white button down can be worn with a skirt left untucked with a belt, with jeans for a casual look, with pants, with a formal skirt, under a sleeveless sweater, under a cardigan, sweater, or blazer. It will look casual to dressy depending on the pieces you put it with and the accessories.

Buy basic loafers, tennis shoes and sandals for boys. Girls need a white shoe in the summer and black in the winter plus a pair of tennis shoes and sandals. For me, I buy black, ivory, sandals, and tennis shoes. Of course I add pieces to this (like these but if you have the basics you don't NEED anything else.


Mrs. Taft said...

Thanks for the tips!

Bonnie said...

My daughter has been going to a private school this years and wears a uniform consisting of a khaki shirt, light blue polo and a long sleeved white tee to layer underneath. We've managed to get through the year with two of each of those articles, plus socks and tights.

I'll definitely be using these same techniques to build her summer wardrobe!

tina said...

I think some classic styles never go out of fashion. I like to keep my colours simple and I bought some nice clothes from Rowlands Clothing last week which I will wear as often as I can. So many people buy clothes and barely get much wear and tear from them.