Monday, January 28, 2008

What would you do if your nose was running money?

You have to see the previous post to understand this!
Here is my top ten list...

1. Pay off our mortgage as quickly as I could blow.
2. Go buy some clothes that fit and are cute. I would quit waiting to lose weight.
3. Hire someone to complete all the remodeling jobs.
4. Go on a really good vacation and enjoy the snow that we can't seem to get here.
5. Take the devil dog from previous post to obedience/potty training school.
6. Go to the store and buy all the food and stuff we need to stock up on.
7. We have 5 personal friends who are serving as missionaries- I would send big packages to them with all the things only found in the states, and support them financially more.
8. Let my children get music and horseback lessons that we can not afford now.
9. Give to the building fund at our church.
10. Have fun finding people to bless in our daily lives. I would love to pay peoples bill at a restaurant or give really big tips to hard working waitresses.

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