Wednesday, January 23, 2008

New chandalier

We are slowly getting our house painted and changing out the light fixtures. This past week we rented scaffolding so that we could paint the foyer. It has 18 foot ceilings with a tray on top of that. We got it painted and I applied a venetian plaster to the ceiling of the tray. It is Tuscany Tan, but the photo does not show the true color.

Do you like my new light fixture. In the old photo you see the original blue color of the wall and the old brass light fixture. I was going to paint the brass to a black and make due with the old fixture but my hubbie didn't like it. I am so happy we bought a new one, I love it!

I am adding a photo of my 8 year old on the scaffolding. All day he bugged us to get on the scaffolding. He made fun of me for being careful and said I was scared. We finally let the kids on the scaffolding and when he got to the top hubbie told him to stand up and he grabbed the railing and did this. Who is the scared one now?

1 comment:

The Nester said...

Well Done! Yes, that old fixture must go but, I still think mine is worse.

I kind of liked that blue but, something tells me it wasn't as pretty in person...

also, love that you painted the ceiling within the tray that huge foyer can handle it!