Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Demon Devil Dog

I know what you are all saying...Aw, how cute! WRONG!!!! This is the terror of my life. His name is Jack Bauer. He thinks he is a cat and sits on the back of the couch or chair over you. He is the meanest dog in the world. He reminds me of the gremlins in the old movie. We cannot get him potty trained. If we don't take him out consistently and watch him he will find a good spot to go. He bites every male that comes in. My daughter was holding him and without warning he just reached over and bit the Direct TV guy. My 17 year old has a lot of male friends come over and Jack chases them biting their heels. Actually, that is kind of funny. We don't know what to do. He bit the little kid next door so I had Hubby convinced to get rid of him but no one would take him, so now he has changed his mind. I am going crazy! I keep hoping he will get out and someone will take him. Please!

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