Monday, January 21, 2008

CVS and Walgreens

My goal for 2008 is to stock our pantry with free or near free stuff from CVS and Walgreens. I stumbled on and am amazed at how Crystal can put together the deals with coupons to get so much free stuff. I have always been a bargain hunter and thought I did a good job, then saw her and how far I have to go.

When we first had our oldest daughter I made it by on $35.00 a week on all my groceries, including toiletries and paper/cleaning products. We only had the two of us plus a baby. I nursed and used cloth diapers. We had chicken every night. I had 30 chicken recipes and would buy whole chickens and cut them up. One chicken would feed us 3 meals. This was in 1990, so I wonder if it even compares to Crystal feeding her family on $35.00 a week now. They don't have much meat which is a big difference. In 1990, my husband was still VERY picky and had to have a meat and potatoes type meal. Luckily, I have changed him into a normal human in the last 19 years and he will eat anything except green peppers.

My goal for the next three months is to only spend $500.00 to feed seven of us. I am stocking my pantry to have atleast 3 months of food on hand and start eating out of the pantry and just buy sales each week. We have been lazy lately since we were remodeling and eating out or buying more food to quickly prepare. I would like to give extra stuff to our church pantry or try to make some in garage sales twice a year.

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