Sunday, January 20, 2008

About us

We are a family of seven living in Alabama in a new to us house. The home is in one of our favorite neighborhoods but was stuck in the 90's. Every wall including the garage and linen closets were painted the same blue-green color. It came complete with matching green carpet, even in the baths. Who puts carpet in the baths? The bathrooms have wallpaper with matching border. Looks like paper towel prints. I'll have to take a photo of the wallpaper in our bath- I say it looks like happy bugs and my husband sees monkeys with head pieces. We are totally remodeling it as we can get the time and find bargains. Did I mention that we love to find bargains? Yep, just put it on the side of the road and we will pick it up and paint it.

I home school three of our kids. The other two are in high school so we didn't want them around anymore. You know how high schoolers get. Actually, at that age they start to know more than me so I tell them they are going to school to make some friends. I can't let them find out how dumb I really am so I pretend it is what we had planned all along. When they make good grades I can say it was all because of me and how well I taught them when they were younger.

We have been married 19 years. I have been waiting for a trip to Italy all this time. Looks like the house remodel will win and we still won't be able to go for our 20th anniversary.

Hope you enjoy the ride with our family as we remodel, decorate, find bargains and live our life.

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