Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Exterior Paint Colors

This is our house now and we are having it painted next month. I've been trying to figure out what colors I want to use. We will also be working on the front flower beds, removing and replanting some bushes and trees.


 I am going a darker tan/creme color on the trim. I then want to paint the shutters and door a medium-dark gray.  I debated how to paint the door and door trim out. I'll show some options:

The one above has the sidelights painted out the trim color. As I have driven around that is the option on almost all the newer homes in our area. For a traditional house like mine it makes it look like you have a lot of mill work and presence when I don't have an overhang or any other details.

The one above and below painted out all the mill work in the same color. I love this look, too. So, I've really debated. In the end, I think I have chosen to paint the sidelights and trim in the trim color and just paint the door gray.

My next decision was whether to paint the garage door gray or the trim color. Almost all the garage doors in our area are the trim color. Which is white, beige, tan. Which will show dirt a lot easier. So, I think I like the look of painting ours gray. It will show less dirt.

I plan to order this carriage house door kit. It is the hardware and the "windows" are a panel with black Plexiglas panels that look like glass. I think it really makes the plain door look so much better. Our door is seen as you come down the street so is one of the first views of our home.
This is the back of my home. I've decided to paint it in the gray also pretty much for the same reason of not showing dirt. We have red clay which is awful when it splashes on the wood.
So, there you go.... all my decisions. Now to find the perfect colors. 


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